Ho Ho Ho, A bottle of Rum(i) washed up again OR Aankhen Coelho

Oh man! Must Paulo Coelho and Rumi show up at every turn??$%&*#^@#??

Now to say this differently:

When I least expect it,
Shows up a little tidbit,
Full of liquid love,
(But inedible).

From the ovens of masters,
Of baking via energy,
Coursing the universe,

Words that seep,
Through inky nibs,
Of their quills,

Clear as day then,
That universe demands,
Their being read,
(Even if inadvertently)?

No, here’s the reason,
Today’s high treason,
Its just our Romantic consumerism,
(Driven by the Internets)!

(Why the brackets you ask?)
Please ruminate.


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