23 July, 2013 23:15

Personal motives are difficult to understand, and they are wont to unravel even to oneself, only slowly. Over lifetimes in some cases. And yet we are in a hurry to ascribe themes and narratives to the flow of history. History should be a summation of absolute fact. Not a narrative that weaves us a story connecting facts.
That is storytelling.

And yet, we weave and we weave. “Viola! Today we have a basket. Oh, but you are seeing a chair? You have your facts wrong.”

No, you connected the dots and got a rabbit. I got an apple.

History, based on seeing patterns in a collection of facts, is much like looking at the night sky and spotting shapes. There are tons of possibilities each time you look up.

Ergo, News is good for fact collection. Everything else is opinion.


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