Cetaceans that won’t leave #hhg

I wish there was some way for me to specialize in the study of small cetaceans of the family Phocoenidae. With a classical latin name that would have had Obelix in raptures, porcus marinus (in todays’s lingua franca, simply “sea hog”) is commonly known as the Porpoise.

They are related to dolphins and whales and look like small dolphins, but to the trained eye a cursory look at their flat spade shaped teeth would be enough to differentiate them from conical toothed madonna’s…er dolphins. The trained eye usually resides inside a trained head that indulges in sticking itself into the mouths of cetaceans. Many trained-head species that observed teeth in the mouths of serious predators like lions and tigers and even less serious ones that cracked an occasional joke have perished for evolutionary reasons. Trained head is still a useful skill though, especially in certain situations that can’t be mentioned here.

But back to the porpoise. Take a look at this cute little critter……

Also called, get this : MereSwine!!

Also called, get this : MereSwine!!

Why do I wish to study these creatures you ask? It would give my life porpoise.


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