Wonder if Zuckerberg hand-modeled for this

Ever since I liked my own status update on Facebook yesterday, I have this almost uncontrollable urge to like all my own posts and comments. Its like I’ve opened a whole world of possibilities, a whole big can of worms, a box of girly underwear (

Its like being gifted a minor super power. Superman becoming Man of Stainless Steel, for example. Ok, so it isn’t a huge improvement but it is something isn’t it!

Imagine: For every single thing I do on Facebook, I can do another. Comment, like, Photo, like, Status update, Like…

Now, if only I could like my own Likes.

Or you got your wish of a dislike button for this post. Hey if wishes were horses, I’d be selling you saddles.

*canters away*

Like your own FB posts = Buy one get one free = Sadi mein sadi, Parag sadi =

Got anymore??




One thought on “ know..

  1. Seema Smile October 8, 2012 at 8:01 pm Reply

    That reminds me of the “Kutte pe Kutta” sher. Wah kya balance hai… mind mein balance nahi hai lekin

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