Rant By Nero

I’m sorry but that’s anthropomorphism,


Of a non-person.

Surely animals are only a means of self-satisfaction.

(like cigarettes or coffee for instance)


And the human traits you attribute,

Are but reflections from your own,


Purely evolutionary.


Oh yes, I might be missing,

Harbingers of joy,

But I got my own,

Pleasures to toy.

Goodnacht and goodluck world. Its a whiny bitch of a night, that will wake to a sunny morning in a nice house, while half of humanity wakes up to hunger. Again. It’s a dogs life!


So after complaining conveniently about the spectacle that first world lifestyles are in this poor poor country above, I checked in on the man in the mirror…and found without horror.. Worse.

And my life,
Equally a sinfest,
Of Self indulgent,
I might not cuddle pets,
But there’s not a vice,
I haven’t met.
Oh not morally,
Just comparatively.

Of ones life,
One must be the hero,
I’ve often offered, that bromide,
As advice.
I think I’ll name myself Nero.


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