Jobs for the needy

So the link below is a “Uber mactard with a sense of irony” tribute. A tribute nevertheless. So many Jobs (no the job market is not picking up..) Yeah so like I was saying, so many Jobs tributes everywhere on the internet…

Why, today I saw a boy called Steve crying and thought for a moment that it was a Steve Jobs tribute… Here is the picture I took using the internet:

Steve Sobs

I-then walked ahead and was accosted with the shocking image of my dearest friend and mirror image being despicable and rotten. He was selling these “Steve Knobs” thingummies at his hardware shop. Yeah door knobs. I wish I had thought abou….er, How could he!!! I wish he gave them away free like those guys at Bloomberg who were prepared with an obit (” news organizations routinely prepare obituaries in advance, even for the healthy”), but eventually published without advertisements in a show of solidarity with the feelings of their investors…er readers, I-(mean)-readers.

See if you must, how my friend decided to rake in the cash in door knobs like any cheap online retailer instead of building an emotionally satisfied customer base:

Commercially motivated buggers, selling stuff that is not even well..designed.

Maybe I should call this blog i-Cynic? Or Or Rotterdam.


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