Mera Saaya

Watching the Raj Khosla directed 60’s thriller Mera Saaya. Madan Mohan’s music and Sadhana in a double role. Double the eye candy! Oooooh.

Post-movie reactions:

So I watched the film and it was totally enjoyable. A slightly flat denouement right at the end, but the triumph is that there is hardly any movie after. Khosla and his characters keep you agrip till the very end and what else must a thriller do!

Sadhana is unbelievably gorgeous in the flashback scenes and convincingly deglam in the court sequences. She is a very good actress alrite! And so goodlooking.
Sunil Dutt has a complex role and manages to perfom it competently. He is not a compelling actor and does have a tendency to overdo his roles, but here, he finds in Raj Khosla a very good director. Have to say Dutt chose some very good films in the 50s and the 60s. Made some great films too. That is for another post.
Other stuff of note- Prem Chopra is good as the dacoit and KN Singh leaves his signature over every scene he is in, well because he looks and sounds like KN Singh!. There is a comic side plot with Mukri and Dhumal which reminds one of several scenes in Hindi films of later decades. Its dated but still charming. Also there are some unresolved red herrings which I wont mention here.
Anwar Hussain(Nargis’ real-life brother) plays a straight talking inspector very well.
The music is phenomenal right from Jhumka gira re to Mera Saaya to Naino mein badra chayein.

In my opinion there is no entertainment that beats a bollywood film where the plot, the editing, the locales, the music and beautiful people come together just right. This is one of those films. Watch!

Oh yeah, Sunil Dutt’s Thakur lives in the Udaipur Lake Palace so you’ll get a tour of that too.
And that ravishing Sadhana. Did I mention her before!!!?

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