Deferred Bravery

A reminder of my encounter with the ghost of Honoria Glossop from my past

Facebook reminded me of my scary encounter, one year back on this very day. The 19th of August 2010. Accosted by Honoria Glossop in Hyderabad.
Facebook text:
Ran into Honoria Glossop today, said What Ho and skipped from the spot like someone who’d pinched a policeman’s hat..

And the details:

I was accosted by her booming baritone just as I was exiting stage left, having glimpsed her silhouette or something remotely resembling it in a mirror that hadn’t cracked under the strain.
I what-hoed her with nonchalance that belied the extent to which this clap of thunder, this bolt of lightning from skies that appeared benignly blue had left me nonplussed.
Some of my nonplus-ness left me only when I realized that the subject of her frightful forthrightness that afternoon was the pathetic figure in blue that was being tutted and shushed on the matter of his choice of t-shirt. This gave me opportunity to mutter something about an imminent lunch appointment that I was already late for and I skipped the joint before I learnt even as much as the husbands name…
I was, as you might guess, the life of the party at lunch, flush at having avoided that blasted laughter and the poor joke preceeding 🙂

Honoria, a lovely girl who was fond of handing out these stamps to me. Not without reason either.


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