On the quality of Openness

As social animals, many of us as individuals & communities have come to realize that being a closed group does not serve us well in this connected age.

Even if supporting an open economy or being open to new ideas as a person might beget opposition, sometimes violent opposition, it is rare to be laughed and guffawed at for that quality of openness alone.

That’s another reason to be happy about being a human, and not being ..say.. a fly.

It don't pay to be open!!

You know the derisive laughter that greets an Open Fly, don’t you?!!




2 thoughts on “On the quality of Openness

  1. Seema Smile July 25, 2011 at 8:27 am Reply

    hahaha. What would Prodigy sing if Charlie’s Angels were flies… “I’m the fly-swatter…”

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