Kid pro quo

Be warned world..a new generation of kids arises…
Who teach their parents a thing or two everyday,
For instance how to arrange the furniture,
Without them spraying it with gooey clay,
Or to find new ways to store eggs,
So go on change the design of the refrigerator..

No Kidding !!

Ok, so they are pretty much like the kids our parents withstanded(sic),
But hey…our imagination was fed by images their brains panhandled..

Yeah the tiger's riding you!

But this set, they’re quick on the draw,
Fed with technology enabled paint and claw,
An hour a day ensures a full belly,
In form of images from the tele deli..

Chewing through stories, while building as they go, its like an all new broadway show!

They’ll soon be rewriting scripts from kiddie flicks,
To turn it around with Freudian tricks,
“Baby’s day out”, Or Daddy’s day about,
So here is a brand new shout-out..

I'm re-learning my basic math, science, language, geography.. To be prepared

On father’s day, I have this something-new to say, to all the dada-hicks in the fray… Boys……Happy Sonny’s Day!!!


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