Hair Raising tales (beginning soon)

So my sonny boy has been cutting and snipping away at paper, cotton, chart and straws for over an year now. Comfortably enough and many times to good effect.
Today finally, he decided to turn his talent to his own hair. He’d got a nice tuft of hair close to his right temple right and truly snipped when I caught him at it. And its left a small bald patch too.. !!!

Hitting a purple patch with his scissorhands 🙂

It certainly took a lot of self-control to contain my urge to hug and kiss and laugh with him. I managed a strict warning as he grinned sheepishly before I gave in to the urge 🙂
Frankly I’m surprised he took so long as he has had friendly camaraderie with his barber Manjunath, who he calls Manja, for about 2 years now. Will update this post with pics of Manja and him from his next haircut, whenever it happens..
He’s always curious about who cuts Manja’s hair and asks away in the queen’s language as Manja answers in a mix of hindi and kannada..I don’t interfere or interpret as it is a treat to watch 🙂

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