Magic Shmagick!

Arjun describing “The Enchanted Wood” series by Enid Blyton to his cousin Karan and aunt over the phone:

“Now we are going to read the 4th book of the Enchanted Wood.. Its got goodies like popcakes and google buns. And fairies and trolls…Aaand it is full of many magical things. <then in explanatory tone> But not reaaal magic, the magic is only in the story in the book. Not outside…”

For once I am taking a bow.

And now..I will take an arrow.

Ok sorry!

Magic is usually in clever and cool stories or in tricks, which take practice. If its neither a story nor a trick you'll need to check carefully...

Here are some cool easy tricks you can master fast enough. I’ve done 3 of these for Arjun already. Fun!!


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