Building, drawing, cutting, pasting..

Arjun & I got ourselves an extra large black craft paper chart and started laying out a village on it.
On the first day, four founder villagers, Ramu, Shambu, Laxmi and Manian built a couple of huts and ploughed land to create 2 fields for planting rice and 1 each for dal and chana.
Then they built a boarding house to attract more villagers. And waited patiently as an Earth day passed.

The next day, it turned out that 3 people turned up to look for work. And what talents they proved to be for a nascent township. Bela started building her bakery while Arjun started his townplanning with a larger house by the Wood for the Chief, Shambu. The third, Karan, set out to plough and care for the first strawberry field in the village, which incidentally and unfortunately has been named Laddoo Village for now.

At the end of the third day, we have a river, 6 townhouses, 1 house for the chief, 5 fields for grain, 3 for vegetables, 2 for fruits, 10 villagers, 1 boarding house, 2 brand new motels for workers who are expected at the large farm for animals that has been laid out in the East, 1 circle, a decent network of silver stone roads and an excellent pink bakery called “Bela’s”. We have a bridge, clothing stores, a smithy, a hotel, an icecream shop and many more advancements in pink, blue, yellow and green craft paper & pastels planned for the huge influx of people and industry we expect shortly. Oh yes, a bank and currency too. Right now the town trades in workhours:)


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