just don’t it

I am amazed how much stock is put into “Doing things”. It is understandable that ‘doing things’ and ‘work is worship’ need to be out there as universal messaging , else we’d have farmers in hammocks and chemical engineers measuring the angles and velocities of spit-balls. You grow up with this messaging but at some point you start seeing the world more clearly, say when you get your first job.. So at best you end up embracing it as a necessary condition to function in a social ecosystem or at least know it while obfuscating it with some classic 1984 style double-think. This usually plays out as actually finding work that doesn’t seem like work or planning to find such work, sometimes perpetually. And well, sometimes a bit of both.

Some work is better than other kinds. But well…

But to actually extend this belief to everything, say stamp-collection or gardening…. because to do things and to do them well gives one a feeling of contentment…Oh, I am all for you being a fabulous amateur photographer, or a brilliant negotiator of traffic, but to expect, even demand that out of anyone else…well that is beyond me completely


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One thought on “just don’t it

  1. mayankpandey May 27, 2011 at 12:22 pm Reply

    There is so much pleasure in doing nothing.. the last I remember doing that was during summer vacations (that was long long back) when you could do nothing and no- one gave a damn . I see my friends pushing their sons and daughters to now join summer camps, this and that classes – pains me no end. Whatever happened to do-what-you-feel days..
    There are some things we will struggle to give our kids – lying under the tree, bathing in backyard tank…
    Read about this couple from blore who shifted base to yeracud check their site http://www.go2yercaud.com/

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