getting beer while we wait for godot

No no.. Why should we tolerate your perverted jokes on our god?!!? Any jokes! Be reasonable?????????? You are asking me to be reasonable?? (Blah blah blah blah blah)
Oh no, we like to keep it simple. Black humour? What is that??! The civil way to say it is African American!! Like we said, we keep it simple and yes there is god in heaven and punishment for sinners. Fossils you say? When you dig deep enough anywhere you are bound to find rubbish. Genuine articles? Fossils?! Doesn’t prove god didn’t create everything!
Evolution?! That is just a theory! In our book there are passages, I have read only a translation… It explains many things like big bang theory, distance of earth from sun and speed of light. That too in just few lines. Why? Why should the book by god and his children contain deeper explanations of these facts? And Big Bang theory is proven even if its called a theory. Walks.

“The time has come’, the walrus said, ‘to talk of many things!”… So, my dear Alice….

No... not that I feel like that about Robin..

You can see why I feel like this sometimes...with the Joker being Joker and all that (and Robin's just a friend)

But there is something in it for everyone, for the Joker too...


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