Arindam on Twitter. Yay!

Arindum C

Arin dum Choudhari

So @Arindam_IIPM has arrived on Twitter. I wish his tagline was “DARE to think beyond Arindam”
Interestingly his profile reads,
“Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Hony. Dean at IIPM and Editor of The Sunday Indian”
A truly impressive debut, but pray tell us Arindam, is that typo at “Hony. Dean at IIPM” missing or needing an extra alphabet?*
Is that :
a.-Hon. Dean at IIPM
b.-Honey Dean at IIPM
c.-Horny Dean at IIPM
d.-Dare to think its option c.
*Disclaimer: This is a genuine question to Arindam. Any mistakes are because I dared to think.

2 thoughts on “Arindam on Twitter. Yay!

  1. mayank January 24, 2011 at 9:05 pm Reply

    Have to admit years back I used to be in the category of people who would be impressed by Horny Dean. He is nonetheless an interesting character – self styled .. whatever. Should be interesting to follow him though. Good to connect with your blog arun. Look forward to some interesting word games.. 🙂

    • arun January 24, 2011 at 11:32 pm Reply

      Mayank, I suspect we didn’t notice each other around Hornyman Circle:) Arindam is very interesting indeed…to have made it as a celebrity management consultant on very poor footing is amazing by itself. He used to be ‘so bad he was good’ till IIPM sued that blogger a couple of years back for ‘defaming’ them. Now I can’t bring myself to look at him with my entertainment goggles on..
      Good to see you here too Mayank:)

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