So to keep life interesting along lines I find enjoyable.. I decided at the turn of the year that I was going to build a bar that could make many vodka, tequila and rum cocktails that I like consuming and getting people drunk on.
The best part is that it is necessary that I try out these cocktails myself in trials because, frankly, I haven’t had a Cape Codder or a Black Russian in many many years.. And being no connoisseur or fine-anything of any kind I don’t remember a single blessed detail about times when I would make, serve and consume copious quantities of smashingly good cocktails. Well, smashing by broad standards at least..alcohol content and palatability being the main considerations.

Oh that Dita's a Tease alrite!

Hello Long Island Iced Teas 🙂

Today I got a bottle of Cointreau that made me happy. Next up, a bottle of the elusive Galliano and some Amaretto. Also definitely, a ready reckoner of names and definitions of stuff around the bar. That I need first. And often too.


2 thoughts on “Cocktales

  1. Seema January 14, 2011 at 9:01 am Reply

    “Today I got a bottle of Cointreau that made me happy”… just getting such a thing can bring such happiness. Imagine what happens when you actually use it.
    Jung bahadur kooch karo…

  2. arun January 14, 2011 at 9:54 am Reply

    Actually this is better. Think of it like Arnold’s T-800 getting access to one more super weapon and making it part of his arsenal 🙂

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