Thoughts in loneliness

When the silence screams in my ear,
I tap it gently & put it to sleep.
Other times, when I begin to speak to my angry dear,
I know that silence is mine to keep.

Now you know why the poet's alone,
This isn't poetry, but its maladjusted clone.

The End

Yay! Where it says 'The End', I have, for a brief moment, succeeded in creating an impression of gravitas. Next…gravity.

"Gravity, impression of"

1. Take heavy boulder
2. Drop it on soft mud
3. Lift boulder without disturbing mud too much (especially no loud calls to attention, like "What ho, What ho Mud old fellow…care for a spot of tea then? There, let me dust you off a little")
4. Observe impression that gravity made on mud.

Ok thank you. And really, just what you've waited for all these years.
The End.

er…ok ok. I'm going.
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