As he tossed and turned in his fevered attempt at sleep, his thoughts must have circled around how she had gone away for too long the last time around.

Earlier that day, he had woken to a virus addled morning and had found her gone. She would return soon, he had been told.

Now while sleep, set to the pleasant drone of a hurriedly imagined story took over, he floundered in the dark for my face and on finding it said, in a little boy voice "Don't leave me".

My heart broke into a hundred pieces and slid down my cheek as a solitary tear. Arjun, my 2 year old son slept hugging me all night as I wished that the joy he will transform into when Mama returns from her Bombay work trip tomorrow, envelopes his entire life.

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One thought on “Supernova

  1. Arun Cavale March 12, 2009 at 7:16 am Reply

    aahhh…kids always have a way of getting through and touching you in so many known and unknown ways, dont they? I can so understand this…

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